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Ohio State vs Rutgers (11:00am)

Rutgers has made significant improvements this season, particularly in their strong defensive performance. However, their ongoing challenge lies with their offense, as they are currently averaging just 66.3 points per game with a shooting percentage of 39.5%, placing them at a low #354th ranking in the nation. Despite their commendable 12-4 home record, they struggle on the road with a disappointing 3-9 record.

On the other hand, Ohio State had a promising start to the season with a 12-2 record, securing victories against formidable teams like Alabama, UCLA, and West Virginia. Under the guidance of interim coach Jake Diebler, they have since posted an 18-12 record. The team enters the upcoming game against Rutgers with high confidence following a triumphant three-game winning streak, including a recent victory over Michigan State. Notably, the Buckeyes have an impressive 6-1 record against the spread in their last seven games.

In my view, Ohio State is currently underrated, evident from oddsmakers initially labeling them as a 1-point underdog against Rutgers. Subsequently, the odds have shifted in their favor, with the Buckeyes now holding a -1.5 point favorite status at the time of this assessment. Despite this change, public sentiment still leans towards Rutgers. Taking these factors into consideration, I believe that the favorable bet lies with the Buckeyes.

(2x-Rated Members Only)

Pick: Ohio State -1 (-120)

🍀Best of luck!



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