top of page is one of the leading sports handicapping services providing valuable sports information and predictions that lead to a high-level of return on investment. We are the ultimate destination for aspiring sports handicappers looking to make an additional income with the passion they have for sports and odds. What gives us an edge over other handicapping services is that we document all of our picks, provide personal attention to bankroll management and consistently have a high win ratio. 

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We are not a gambling website. does not take or place any bets/wagers. Nor is this a gambling website. We are a sports handicapping service that delivers valuable tips and predictions that can result in making some money. Screenshots used from Sportsbook account are used for documentation and entertainment purposes only. Please be sure to check your State's gambling laws and guidelines.  


We will never sell your personal information nor send you spam material.


If you have a gambling problem visit or email me personally to help you get the needed help. 

Our predictions come from many complex systems that I have developed through out the years. These systems are always updated in real time. With odds and information changing almost every second of the day I make it a priority to update my systems and models daily to ensure our predictions are successful through out the week.
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