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New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers (5:15pm)

Updated: Mar 7

This morning, I kicked off my day by reaching out to 8 of my closest betting friends to get their take on the total. Without exception, all 8 of them informed me that they were leaning towards betting the Under. Following that, I delved into various service play forums to gauge the recommendations from the touts, and once again, the consensus was in favor of the under.

Upon checking SportsInsights, I discovered that over 80% of the tickets and money were on the Under, which immediately raised red flags for me. Typically, I enjoy employing a strategy of fading the public during primetime games, and despite their recent success, I believe now is an opportune moment to start going against the grain.

In my estimation, I anticipate this game to yield a higher score than the total established by the oddsmakers. Despite the struggles of both teams, I foresee this game reaching well into the 40-point range. Additionally, historical data supports this notion, with the Over holding a 16-6-1 record in the last 23 Steelers games where they were favored by 3.5 to 10 points.

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Pick: Over 30 (-110)

🍀Best of luck!



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