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New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers (1:25pm)

Everyone knows that I'm a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan but even I know it would be stupid to bet on them this afternoon as they face the New England Patriots! After watching my beloved team lose to the Oakland Raiders last week, I'm 100% sure the Steelers have thrown in the towel for the season. A friend of mine asked me if I believed Pittsburgh would make the playoffs and I sadly told him No! He thought I was crazy and being dramatic but I just get that feeling that they will use to year to plan for the future. The Steelers are in nasty rut, with three straight losses possibly even four if you want to count the Jaguars melt down game! New England is coming off a heartbreaking loss to Miami where they absolutely blew the game. Patriots are absolutely deadly coming off a straight up loss. They are 14-4 vs. the spread in their last 18 games following a straight up loss. 30 Patriots 20 Steelers

Pick: New England Patriots -2.5 (-110) 🍀 Best of luck!


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