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Pittsburgh Pirates vs St. Louis Cardinals (10:45am)

The Cardinals are finally starting to wake up, they will have the struggling Pirates in town this morning. With the recent distraction of Starling Marte's steroid scandal, the Pirates seem to have lost all focus. They will need all help they can get with Gerrit Cole (1-15.28 ERA) today. He will make his forth start of the season for the Pirates.

St. Louis is desperately looking to get something rolling, they have now lost 9 of their first 12 games this season. Their offense is looking very sluggish right now. It's like they are always a step/pitch behind! The Cardinals are only hitting .212 as a team and that even includes Dexter Fowler being injected into the offense. A small edge today is Matt Carpenter is making his return back to the Cardinal's lineup after dealing with a hand injury.

28-11 in Wachas last 39 home starts and 6-1 in Wachas last 7 starts. The Cardinals are 4-1 in Wachas last 5 home starts vs. Pirates!

Pirates 3 Cardinals 5

Best of luck!


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