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Georgia Tech vs TCU (5:00pm)

I'm seeing over 5,600 wagers being placed on this game via Sportsinsights right now. We have a huge opportunity tonight to fade the public and be on the same side as the bookmakers. More than 64% of the money right now is being wagered on TCU right now and I know Vegas is more than comfortable taking more action on this game.TCU opened as a 3.5 point favorite but you can find them now as a 4 point favorite. On paper it may look like TCU would have the edge here since they score nearly 6 points more on offense than Georgia Tech but I feel the Yellowjackets should score enough points to keep themselves in the game. Freshman guard Josh Okogie is averaging over 21.8 points/7.8 rebounds in this tournament. The Yellowjacket's edge in this matchup is in their defensive efficiency that I see the public is really overlooking that right now. Take the underdog tonight.

Best of luck! ExclusiveVipSports

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