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2016 MLB All-Star Game

"The American League comes into Tuesday's MLB All-Star game on a 3 game winning streak!" "The AL boasts a 15-4-1 record in the last 20 All-Star games." These are just a couple of things I've read on the internet while doing some research for tonight's game. About 67% of the public are betting the American League for tonight's All- Star game and I think we will make some money betting the other side.

The National League have way more than enough talent to win this year's All-Star game! They will have five Cubs in the starting lineup tonight and we all know how well they are playing this season. The NL is also stacked in the pitching department with five pitchers that have won over 9+ games this season. The American League only have two pitchers in tonight's lineup that have won over 9+ games so the NL will surely have the advantage.

Look for the NL to finally snap the losing streak and get a w tonight. I simply don't see the AL out pitching the NL tonight. I agree with the oddsmakers tonight with the odds given. I might have even made them as high as a -120 favorite for tonight.

5 National League 3 American League

Good luck!


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