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Washington Nationals vs Los Angeles Dodgers (7:15pm)

Stephen Strasburg is scratched last second due to a back injury and the sportsbooks are left exposed! More than often when I see this late news towards first pitch I will make a wager on the pitcher that was originally scheduled. In this case, I will be betting on Clayton Kershaw to get the job done. There aren't too many other pitchers I can think can out pitch him. Strasburg and Arrieta would however give him a run for his money.

Clayton Kershaw is pitching one of his best seasons! He sports a 11-1 record with a scary low 1.57 ERA with over 141 strikeouts! He opened up as a -200 favorite but with the recent injury news has ballooned up to -330 at some sportsbooks. I would never recommend laying that type of juice for any wager.

I would personally recommend betting the first half run line. By placing this type of wager you are saving tons of money from paying out the juice if it loses. Also you only have to worry about the first five innings of the game. In this matchup I can almost guarantee Kershaw pitching through 6-7 innings. I'm predicting runs to be scarce tonight so 1-2 runs early should seal the deal.

Dodgers 3 Nationals 1

Good luck!


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