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Oakland Athletics vs Detroit Tigers (4:10pm PST)

Both Oakland and Detroit have been hovering around .500 early this season and have been playing well thus far. Rich Hill will be on the mound for the Oakland Athletics today as he faces the Detroit Tigers. He's 2-2 with a 3.32 ERA this season. Hill has pitched well this season having multiple 10+ strikeout games. He will need some offense from his teammates as the Athletics are only ranked 28th in OBP and 24th in batting average.

Detroit will start Mike Pelfrey (0-3, 3.68 ERA) for this game. Pelfret hasn't pitched well this season allowing over four runs in his last two games alone. Pelfrey is probably one of the weaker pitchers that the Tigers have. He isn't really known for any pitches and can often struggle with his command of the baseball.

The Athletics will have the edge in this pitching matchup and I believe this will get them the W. Hill should be able to pitch deep into this game for the Athletics as he done modestly well against the Tigers. If the Athletics can hit into the Tiger's bullpen early this will give them the best chance to sneak away with a W.

Good luck!