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My Simple Sports Betting System

By following some simple sports betting strategies I have now turned a hobby into a career. These basic sports betting strategies are common knowledge; nothing writen in this article is rocket science or a secret of the sports gambling industry. The trick is to follow these tips at all times, no matter if you go on a crazy winning streak or if you are facing bad variance. If you want to win money betting on sports, you need to follow these basic strategies.

Bet in Your Right Mind

There's an expression common to all forms of gambling, known as "going on tilt." Poker players, slot machine junkies, and sports bettors are all liable for going on "tilt" when they let their emotions get the best of them and forget to follow the basic strategies of sports betting. Betting when you're in your right mind means ignoring your emotions and wagering only when you are sober and in a good mood.

Be in control of your emotions and never let it take over and cloud your judgement. Understand that being angry or even extrememly happy can cloud your judgement and get you into bad situations. This could all ultimately cause you go go "on tilt" Lets say you've just experienced a round of bad beats and you're down on the week- that's the perfect time to walk away from sports betting for the week. There's nothing worse then forcing wagers because you are trying to recoup losses.

Go Line Shopping

Winning sports bettors are often those gamblers that have the patience to shop around different offshore shops to ensure they get the best value and return on investment. It's always wise to have several accounts open at multiple offshore accounts. This will save you 10-20% off your juice monthly. Different lines are odds can be found through out the entire day, be sure to take your time to decide when you should place the wager to ensure value.

For the most part, sports betting strategy is just common sense. Establish your bankroll and make acceptable bet sizes, control your emotions and get the best value on your investments.

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