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Top 3 Websites I Use for Sports Handicapping


I personally use this website to get a feel for what the public is betting on. Not only are you able to see percentages of tickets written but you are able to follow the line movement rather closely. The best part is that this information is all free.


I use when I want to dig a little deeper into a game. This website is great when you want a more detailed analysis of a game. It goes into great detail of previous games played and provides many current trends. I personally use this website to research current profitable trends and for consenus information. This information is also free to the public.

3. has been one of my favorite websites to use to follow line movement in real time. This is a must have for all professionals sportsbettors. If you are currently factoring line movement into your betting decisions this website provides real time line movement for analysis. I use this to analyze what I believe is sharp and public money. This service does cost a subscription fee.

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