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Toronto Bluejays vs Detroit Tigers

This new bounce back system been doing great with our MLB sides! We all know how hot the bats are for the Toronto Bluejays right now but I'm predicting they will be regressing offensively this series against the Detroit Tigers.

Tonight, Anibal Sanchez is pitching for Detroit Tigers, hes 6-7 with a 4.63 ERA. He has pitched consistently for the Tigers, all year long. He is 2-0 in his last 3 games and has allowed only 2.7 runs a game!

Tigers will wake everyone up with their bats tonight. They looked ugly in the Pirates series, but tonight their luck changes. There is no better victim to unleash their frustrations on than Bluejay's starting pitcher, Drew Hutchison. Please don't let his record fool you (8-1), Hutchison is infamous for walking batters, (1.42 WHIP) and loading the bases.

WHIP in last 3 games

Sanchez (0.83 ERA) vs Hutchison (1.41)

Value: Anibel Sanchez

Motivation: Detroit Tigers

Tigers have lost their last 3 home games to the Bluejays, in those games Verlander was rocked 7-3, Porcello (Now in Boston) lost 8-2 and Sanchez losing 3-5. I'm taking my chances here with the Tigers. Look for them to have extra motivational edge to bring us home the money.

Tigers 6 Bluejays 3

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