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Baseball- Easiest and Most Profitable Sport to Invest On

Baseball is by far the easist sport to handicap and can be your most profitable sport to invest on. The reason why it's easier than the other sports out there is simply because there are not alot of people betting baseball these days. However if you ask around the city you will here the biggest scores come from baseball wagers.

Historically baseball has been the most profitable sport when you have a solid "Betting Against the Public" strategy. We by no means saying it's always the right thing to do but more than 60% of my investments has always been always against the public. With more than 60% of the betting market constantly betting on the favorite and over, sportsbooks have now simply juiced up public favorites/overs. Not only can we now win with the public we can win on the side of the books.

Baseball is the only sport I invested where I could make a profit by scalping a better price of my favorite at the rifght time. Having several offshore options will not only save you money but make you money. Not only will you save money in the amount of juice you could of won/loss you will be able to pick up on some line movement. 60% of my daily baseball predictions come from line movement alone.

Simple strategies like these may fail overtime. You will need a much more comprehensive strategy that is always being tuned. I wish you all the best of luck this MLB season, let me know if you ever have any questions.